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  • Company profile
  •          Dongying Shenzhou non-woven material Co., Ltd, affiliated to Shandong Dongying petrol-chemical group, is a professional emerging enterprise producing non-woven fabrics. The group was founded as a large state-owned enterprise in August 1993, with a registered capital of RMB21.2 million, the existing assets of RMB 1.2 billion, and a total investment of RMB 618 million. Relying on the powerful strength, the group has a broad prospect.
            Dongying Shenzhou non-woven material Co., Ltd, based on producing non-wovens including PP spunbond nonwovens,Meltblowns nonwovens,SMMS,and SF.Our company bring in advanced equipments from Germany and Italy,annually output is more than 20000 tons.With the attitude of professional focus and the resolution of being the industry flagship, the company has formed a pragmatic work style, actively trying to make the brand Shenzhou a giant star in the non-woven industry.